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Houses in blouses

Houses in blouses – Or generating a positive emotional response
Buying or selling your home is an emotional undertaking. Either you’re leaving behind a host of memories or you are looking for the right place to make new ones.
As Agents, it’s our job to make sure a house resonates with a potential buyer, in other words we need to appeal to their emotions. If a viewer can imagine living there it ceases to be a house and starts to become a possible home. There are a few ways to trigger an emotional response – from the way the house looks to the way it smell.
First impressions.
When a potential buyer pulls up to the house the first thing they will notice is how the house looks from the street. Mowed curbs and lawns, weeded gardens and a tidy exterior help give the right impression. A viewer might think, “Ah this all looks pretty low maintenance.” And the viewer begins to see the property in a positive light.
Generally, people find it hard to imagine themselves and all their belongings in a house. If a house has too much stuff in it, it will feel cluttered and cramped – especially if the stuff is not yours. At the other end of the scale if it is empty then the house can feel draughty and lonely.
The best way to overcome this is to have a few selected items in each room, universal items such as a couch and coffee table or a bed and dressing table. These can be offset with an un-assuming piece of art on the wall or perhaps a vase with fresh flowers. By doing this viewers get an idea of how things could look and can start mentally replacing thing with their own.
Creating good experiences
The way a house smells is important too. When people smell cleaning product the assumption is made that the house is clean. But other smells can trigger emotional responses too – cut grass, brewing coffee, baking bread or biscuits, fresh flowers, even the Sunday roast. Be rest assured smells like mould and damp, cat pee or the smell of wet dog evoke emotions too, just not the good kind!
There are other things that can have an impact too. Like opening some windows for that breath of fresh air. And speaking of windows make sure they are clean – clean windows let in more light. Finally, keep the floors clean and keep all your newspapers and magazines out of site.
All these can help in creating a positive emotional response from your potential buyers.